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Students Pursue Their Passions

February 1, 2019

One of the most prevalent complaints of our generation is that the courses we take in school aren’t relevant to our lives after high school. Oftentimes, students are pushed to make A’s in classes that are seen as the “core” classes,  moving the ones that hold their interest the most onto the back-burner. Despite this growing trend, students at Longview High School show dedication to their passions through not only taking elective courses, but pursuing them outside of school as well. Read on to see LHS students pursuing their passions!

A Recipe for Success

Senior Alexis Freeman pursues her passion for cooking

Elijah Thomas with 903.Productions

The sound of food sizzling on the grill. The sweet smell of delicious desserts wafting through the air. These sensations aren’t what you’d expect to come from Longview High School, but the Culinary Arts kitchen in the Career and Technology Building is the center of it. A member of this program is senior Alexis Freeman, a student who has developed a passion for cooking at LHS.

Freeman has been a part of the dual credit curriculum for Culinary Arts since her freshman year.

“I think that the relationships that I’ve made throughout the years is my favorite [part],” Freeman said. “ Being able to meet new people and learn about their experiences is a great feeling.”

Elijah Thomas with 903.Productions
A finished product: coffee panna cotta with chocolate sauce

In order to prep his culinary students, Chef Hill always walks through the recipe within the classroom before even stepping into the kitchen.

“He makes sure that we understand what we’re doing before we start cooking,” Freeman said. “If we still don’t understand, he’ll preview something with us to provide us with an example.”

In 2018, Freeman won the salsa contest at the Harvest Festival, an event that hosts 4 to 5 counties in the the region, with a concoction called the “salsa cumino”.

“My salsa cumino was awarded the best of the senior division and the best overall salsa,” Freeman said. “It made me super ecstatic!”

Being in the Culinary Arts program at LHS has guided Freeman to what she wants to do in her future.

“Before I got into the program, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life career-wise,” Freeman said. “I finally was able to find my place within the program and understand where my life could eventually take me.”

Elijah Thomas with 903. Productions
Freeman observing people enjoying her dessert at the Texas Association of Journalism Educators

Freeman plans on attending Stephen F. Austin University to major in culinary this fall to become a pastry chef.

“ I knew I wanted to be a pastry chef because in culinary we would always have desserts at every event,” Freeman said. “It allowed for me to have hands-on experience with playing with and producing desserts for people, and the people loved them.”

Freeman encourages other students, even those who have other plans for college, to take the Culinary Art classes.

“I think that students should take the courses, no matter what their degree program will be in college,” Freeman said. “The culinary arts program teaches skills such as teamwork and action under pressure.”

Freeman is continuing her passion for cooking into the Valentine’s season with chocolate tuxedo strawberries.

“I wanted to make a bit of spare money while doing what I love.”

Be sure to contact Alexis to get your own chocolate tuxedo strawberries this Valentine’s Day!

Email: [email protected]

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