Doing The Im{paws}ible

Isabella McMillan, Staff Writer

From being thrown in the pound, to making a 400 mile long journey home. A puppy named Bella would do anything just to be with her owner. In this movie actress, Bryce Dallas Howard and actor, Jonah Hauer-King show the special connection between every fur friend and their owner.

In the beginning of the movie Lucas (Jonah Hauer-King) brings home a puppy that he finds at a construction site where he goes daily to feed kittens. He then brings her home to his mom, Terri (Ashley Judd), a war veteran suffering from depression. They also have to deal with a pesky law that prohibits any dog that looks like a Pitbull. In this movie you go through the ups and downs of getting your life long friend taken away to searching everywhere for her.

I definitely think that you should watch this heartwarming movie. Just make sure to bring your tissues and buckle your seat belt for this roller coaster of a movie.