Senior Fatima Massare at the beautiful Duke campus in Durham, NC

Senior Fatima Massare at the beautiful Duke campus in Durham, NC

Fatima Massare, Duke University

Springtime comes with a lot of new things: new flowers, new weather, and new college acceptance letters! Senior Fatima Massare was recently accepted into her dream college, Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.

“When I got my letter I was in shock, and I still am,” Massare described. “When I read the word congratulations, I was in shock but also filled with an immediate rush of joy.”

Massare applied to many universities like the University of North Carolina, the University of Miami, and the University of Texas at Austin; however, she was especially attracted to Duke.

“I’ve always loved Duke because of its engaging educational opportunities and diverse student body,” Massare said.

To know if she would like the school, Massare visited the university last summer with her family.  

“When I visited Duke,” Massare detailed. “I was just as in awe of its Gothic architecture as I was with the friendliness of the people there.”

Because the application process is extremely competitive, Massare is still in shock that she will be attending the school in the fall.

“I had to reread my acceptance letter at least 3 times to make sure it was real!” exclaimed Massare.

Massare believes she got in due to not only her unique characteristics, but also the hard work she put in.

“Make sure to put in your maximum effort in to apply to your reach schools, no matter how impossible it seems to get in.”

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