Singing to State

Choir Students Compete at Pre-Area

Kasey Whitenack, Editor-In-Chief

After winning the first round of UIL Solo and Ensemble on Feb. 11th, 14 choir students will advance to the State competition. On May 31st, these students will travel to Waco in order to compete with other Texas high schoolers to then be labeled a state winner.

“From a director’s point of view, students prepare a song for the judges,” Choir teacher Kenton Walker said. “The students then go in one at a time, sing their song in front of the judge the best that they can, and the judge will then critique them and give them advice.”

Students had to prepare and sing a song in a foreign language. The judges then look for if the student knows their music by memory, if they stay on pitch, and singing features.

“Majority of the students worked pretty hard,” Walker said. “They came to me when they needed help, and then I gave them the best help that I could give them. I also had other directors come in and work with the students.”

Several students chose to sing “Per la Gloria D’adorarvi” by Giovanni Bonocini while others sang “Romance” by Debussy or “Gia il Sole dal Gange” by Alessandro Scarlatti. For some students, this wasn’t their first Solo and Ensemble competition.

“This is my third year doing solo and ensemble and my second year going to state,” Senior Autumn Gauthier said. “State means that all of the work I’ve put into becoming a better singer has paid off. And that regardless of how much insecurity I have about my singing that I have what it takes to succeed.”

Senior D’Keriyan Alexander said that he originally wasn’t planning on doing solo and ensemble, but decided to stick with it.

“I was so nervous because I haven’t done this in so long,” Alexander said. “Then I realized that I wasn’t necessarily doing this for anyone else. I needed to do this for me because I went through a time where I was scared to perform. So me doing this, me advancing to state, has helped me believe in myself again.”

Once all of the LHS students had finished competing, they then got on the bus to return home. On that bus ride home, Walker announced who had advanced to statement.

“I feel great knowing I advanced my last year participating in this great competition with the amazing friends I’ve made in choir,” Senior Citlali Macedo said. “Going to state means a lot to me, it gave me confidence and proved to myself that I could accomplish anything.”