U.I.L. District Results

S. Cantu

Shaniyah Lewis, Staff Writer

The UIL Academic Team has practiced hard day and night so that they all could come back to make the school and make peers proud at the uIL meets. Many great students have tried their hardest to prep themselves to set the bar high and they came back home with pretty good ranks. Here are some of the following students who placed at the UIL meet:

First event is Number Sense where Aditya Jagarlamudi placed 1st, Rachna Edalur placed 2nd, Maggie Shen placed 3rd, and Iniabasi Ekpenyong placed 4th. They overall came out as 1st place team for number sense.

In the Calculator event Rachna Edalur placed 2nd, Savin Chowdbury placed 4th, and in 5th place was Nitya Jagarlamudi. These scores earned the calculator team 1st place.

For Computer Application Kysean Dixon won 1st place and in 5th was Venezia Clayton.

In Mathematics 1st place was Rachna Edalur and in 2nd was Aditya Jagarlamudi.

For Social Studies Tania Ramirez took first place and Measha Jones got 2nd place.

In Literary Criticism we have Samantha Taylor in 1st, Fatima Akilo in 2nd, and Daniela Perdoso-Gomez for 4th place.

For Computer Science 2nd place Wyatt Scott and 5th place Diaja Molina. Computer Science took overall 2nd place.

In the Science event, Wyatt Scott won 3rd place.

In Ready Writing we had 4th place Fatima Akilo.

In the Journalism events, headline writing had  Kasey Whitenack in 4th place and  Sophie Bunn in 5th place. The Copy Editing had 3rd place as Ethan Jones, 4th place as Sophie Bunn, and 5th as place Kasey Whitenack. Feature Writing had 4th as Kasey Whitenack. News Writing with Kasey Whitenack in 1st place, Sophie Bunn 3rd place, and Ethan Jones in 4th place.

For the UIL Academic District Title, LHS won 1st place.

Thank you to the coaches Heather Downs, Jeff Bock, Seleh Mobin, Topher Stout, Sasha Cantu, Tabitha Clynch, and Carolyn Warren for all your hard work.

Congratulations to all these students and coaches! You have made your school and peers proud!!