Graduation Parties: Pointless or Memorable?

Is this tradition worth all the hype?


As the school year moves into May, one thing is on all senior’s minds: graduation. What goes along hand in hand with graduation are parties. Most people believe graduation parties are beneficial and worthwhile, but I believe that graduation parties are a waste of student’s time and money.

There are many people who believe that graduation parties are good. They bring up points like remembering memories you made, celebrating that you’ve made it through school, and hanging out one last time with your friends. These are all fine reasons to have a party, but it doesn’t have to be extravagant or anything. You and some of your close friends can get together to celebrate high school and the memories you made. Furthermore, if you want to celebrate with your friends one last time, you don’t have to do it at graduation. You have all summer to hang out with your friends before you leave for college.

Other reasons to not have graduation parties are important, too. You don’t always see your family, and many of them will come into town for your one and only high school graduation.  How do you think they would feel if they traveled a long way to come see you graduate, only for you to leave them to party with your friends and a bunch of people you might not know? Also, parties are expensive. Most of the time, someone’s last high school party will not be small; they’ll go all out before leaving for college. The price of the party, from the venue and food to the decorations and accommodations, can get out of hand fast.

Graduation parties, when weighing the pros and cons, just seem to not be worth it. If you want to have a graduation party, have one with your family and close personal friends. Celebrate with the people you’ll make sure to keep in touch with when school’s over.