High School Musical: The New Generation


Rylee Hunter

On Friday at the D23 Expo, Disney released the trailer to the first series to premiere on their new streaming channel, Disney+. The new show is called High School Musical: The Musical: The Series and it will be available to watch on November 12th. The 10 episode docu-series will be available only on Disney+ whose monthly subscription fee is $7. 

The opening shot of the trailer shows East High in all of its glory, then cuts inside to the gym where a school assembly is taking place. Miss Jenn (Kate Reinders) is giving a speech about how she, a millenial, is appalled by the fact that the school where High School Musical was filmed has never done a musical production of iconic trilogy. She then announces that she will be holding auditions after school. This creates a buzz amongst the students as they consider trying out. Nini (Olivia Rodrigo) auditions for Gabriella Montez while her boyfriend EJ (Matt Cornett) and ex boyfriend Ricky (Joshua Bassett) both audition for the role of Troy Bolton. Ricky lands the role of Troy and Nini gets Gabriella, much to her disdain, but they will have to learn to get along for the sake of the production. 

However, the series is not all classic Disney. The trailer also features a boy named Carlos (Frankie A. Rodgriguez) who is obsessed with High School Musical and aspires to be on Broadway as the choreographer for the production. Another scene in the trailer features a blonde boy who Miss Jenn assumes wants to play Ryan, but Carlos clarifies that he might want to play Sharpay. The last mind boggling moment of this trailer is when a girl standing outside of East High says a curse word. It was bleeped out, but I am still shocked that Disney did this. 

The show appears to feature a good cast that can deliver their lines with the perfect amount of emotion. I can feel Carlos’s excitement when he talks about the original trilogy through the screen. The director Miss Jenn’s passion about this project is present every time that she is in the frame. Ricky and Nini’s tension is incredible, but the best delivered line is the last one. Carlos is dancing in the gym when a teacher comes in and asks where he’s supposed to be. Carlos’s reply is, “Broadway.” This is promising for the comedy aspect of the show.

I can’t wait to watch and see where the story goes. It looks like Disney has their heads in the game. 


Score: 10 basketballs out of 10