Return of The Lion King

Camryn Jacobs, Staff Writer

Simba is just as cute, Mufasa is just as wise, and Scar is just as mean, but the graphics, however, are much better.

This remake of the Lion King is absolutely amazing. It looks as if the producers used real animals to film the whole thing. However, don’t be alarmed, no one was harmed in the making of this movie. Yeah those animals you thought were real, were actually computer animated. All designed by computers. 

The Lion King computer graphics make it seem as if you’re in the movie. It creates a real, more modern version of the Lion King. I also liked the fact that they didn’t change the storyline in the new movie. Everything was pretty much the same as the cartoon. You just got to watch the movie in a lifelike version. Mufasa is killed the same way. Simba runs away. Scar loses in the end. 

Another amazing thing about the movie was the music. I absolutely loved all the songs in the Lion King. The voices of all the characters were extraordinary. Whenever one of the songs come on it just makes you want to get up and dance.

Just to show you how good the Lion King is here are some fun facts. The Lion King is the highest grossing animated film, overtaking even the movie Frozen. I don’t think the producers of Frozen will ever, “Let It Go”. It is also the second highest grossing film of 2019 and the ninth highest grossing film of all time. Numbers don’t lie and these numbers suggest this movie is off the charts.

If you haven’t gone to see the new Lion King I highly suggest you do. It’s a great movie and is definitely worth going to see.