Live Action? More Like Take Action!

Live Action? More Like Take Action!

Andrew Fry, Entertainment Editor

Back in the day Disney would come out with these beautiful animated movies, each struck our tiny child minds with wonder and amazement. But ever since the dreadful year of 2015 Disney has been pumping out live action remakes of these animated classics at an alarming rate. I’m here to protest this injustice. 

Now of course these movies aren’t exact copies of their classic animated counterparts but they add so little to the equation it feels like badly copied homework. For example, the “Beauty and the Beast” live action remake, released March, 17 2017, added two new songs to the lineup and gave more character development to some of their characters. However that doesn’t make up for the fact that Disney should be focused on new movies, use the teams that work on the live action remakes to brainstorm and come up with a new original idea. 

Disney should honestly take notes from their other studio, Pixar. Pixar releases classics left and right, and they only release up to two films a year. Sure, you could say Pixar does something similar to the live action remakes with their sequels, and that is simply outrageous. Pixar’s sequel are a completely different thing from Disney just copy and pasting their movies with a different font; they are additions to the characters journey.

If Disney is so thirsty for some easy money why don’t they just sell the company all together, hopefully whoever buys it has better ideas than “reanimate old movies and say it’s live action.”