Meet The Mascots


Chandler Reigh

(From left to right) Senior, Matthew Hanson, Junior, Ethan Jones, and Junior, Jaz’lyn Lewis. Photo by: Chandler Reagh

Chandler Reagh, Entertainment Editor

Have you ever been at a football game and looked at the mascots and thought “Who is wearing those suits?” Well today I’m excited to introduce you to the 2019-2020 LHS Mascots!

Here we have Lo, AKA Matthew Hanson. He is a Senior this year and often takes part in the LHS Theatre Productions as well as TSA. Matthew decided to become the mascot his freshmen year and has been throughout his high school years. His favorite thing about being the mascot is that he gets to mess around with people all the time. 

Next we have Bo, AKA Jaz’lyn “Jazzy” Lewis. She is a junior this year and enjoys theatre and prose and poetry. Jazzy was introduced to the mascot game by her fellow mascot, Matthew Hanson. When asked about her favorite thing about being mascot she said “I get to completely make a fool of myself and nobody cares because it’s funny.”

Last but certainly not least is the second Lo, Ethan Jones. He is a junior this year and (as well as the other two mascots) likes doing theatre at the school; he also participates in other UIL events. Ethan stated that the reason he decided to become the mascot is because it “seemed entertaining.”