New Arrivals

Carmon Williams, Staff Writer

  • IT Chapter 2 : In this movie Pennywise comes back even scarier than before. He lurks in the shadows and terrorizes more children. The Losers Club is all grown and ready to fight the infamous character of Pennywise.
  • Aladdin : After so many years, the remake of Aladdin is finally here. The story line stays the same, however the cartoon becomes reality. With new faces and better graphics that will blow you away.
  •  Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw : If you loved all eight of the Fast & Furious movies then you will be obsessed with this movie. Dwayne Johnson himself is one of the people producing this production. Ever since 2015, when Vin Diesel said that there was a possible spin-off in development, people have been waiting. 
  • The Lion King : If you thought the first one was good, you’ll think the remake is even better. This movie is filled with drama, tragedy and betrayal. You definitely won’t want to miss it! 
  • Toy Story 4: Pixar really outdid themselves with this movie. The animation is spectacular and the story line is even better than the last three. Somebody takes Woody’s spot and Woody needs to make a comeback.