Expanding the Universe of Steven Universe

Review of Steven Universe: The Movie


Chandler Reagh, Entertainment Editor

Two years after Steven Universe saves the galaxy for what he hopes is the last time, his happily ever after is ruined by a new face, Spinel. The movie follows a group known as the Crystal Gems as they try to save all life on the planet Earth from the mentally unstable Gem who has a history with Steven’s mom. The movie was created by Rebecca Sugar and has wonderful voices such as Zach Callison as Steven, Estelle as Garnet, and newcomer Sarah Stiles as Spinel. These talented voice actors perform wonderful original songs such as “Other Friends” and “True Kinda Love” with the villain having two of the best songs in the lineup. The movie, released on Labor Day, garnered 1.57 million views on release day, which is very impressive for a television movie. Since this is much longer than a regular 15-minute episode of the show, running at an hour and a half, connections between the characters and the viewers can be made, meaning when the movie gets emotional the audience does as well. The movie is a mix of a musical, drama, comedy, as well as touching on the subject of one-sided relationships. The movie’s villain, Spinel, is impossible not to love; her backstory is tragic and her personality is enticing. Spinel is also animated similar to 1928 Mickey Mouse with stretchy, rubbery animation. She is definitely the best part of this movie. With great songs, animation, and a heart-throbbing conclusion, Steven Universe: The Movie is a great addition to the world previously built by the television show and can be enjoyed by series veterans or newcomers.