Double Digits = Double Cameras

Taking a look at the iPhone 11


Chandler Reagh, Entertainment Editor


As the successor to the widely loved iPhone X, the iPhone 11 had a lot to live up to. However, was this new model worth the wait?

The first thing that people notice is this model has three versions. The iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max, each with unique capabilities. The regular iPhone 11 has the new Apple A13 Bionic chip and the new ultra-wide dual-camera system. This camera system gives the iPhone two cameras on the front. This model also comes in purple, yellow, green, black, white and red colors. The iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max are the same besides the fact that the Pro Max is bigger. These models both have the A13 Bionic chip as well as the all-new triple-lens 12MP rear camera array, giving these models three cameras on the front. 

The public’s opinion of the new iPhone 11 is scattered. Rana Bilal Hussain stated “$699 for that ugly design? I would stick to my iPhone-X.” People have also been making jokes about the look saying that it looks like a stove, it triggered their trypophobia (an aversion to the sight of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes), and so on. However, the vast majority of photographers and the like enjoy the new camera features added to the iPhone. In the end, it is purely self preference whether or not to buy Apple’s latest product. The iPhone 11 releases on September 20th.