Peppa Pig Pandemonium


Peppa Pig is a British television show that features a sassy pig named Peppa, her younger brother George, her mother Mommy Pig, and her father Daddy Pig. The short, five minute episodes follow Peppa in her adventures with her friends and family. This kids’ show has turned into a world wide meme. 

The program has appeared in many trends in recent months. One of the trends was placing a Peppa figurine in a random place, such as a car seat or a medicine cabinet, and saying, “Peppa, what are you doing in my [place where figure is hidden].” This continued for many weeks and even earned its own Snapchat story on the discover page. The story was titled Big Peppa Mood and featured people’s snapchats who participated in the trend and wanted to share it with fellow Peppa lovers.

Another trend was onset by the release of Peppa’s first album titled My First Album. The collection of children’s adventure songs was released in July 2019. People made memes about the album being released and her overshadowing other stars. Iggy Azalea’s album “In My Defense” was dropped on the same Friday. The two had a feud on Twitter after Peppa tweeted, “Peppa’s so fancy, you already know,” with a pig emoji. The tweets that followed involved talk of a collab and a threat if it didn’t happen. So far nothing else has been added to the conversation.

A new meme started when someone looked up Peppa’s height and discovered that she was 7’ 1”. Once the first mention was shared the information spread like wildfire. People were expressing their concern about her and her family’s height and even began searching the heights of other cartoon characters. A video was even released comparing the size of many fictional characters to a person and eventually a house. 

The latest Peppa pandemic has taken over YouTube. People are editing videos of the show by adding special sound effects and pictures. The trend was started by YouTuber Steph Inc. They are even being shared on other social media platforms. Peppa is taking over the television and meme industry and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop her roll. 


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Photo found on Pinterest.