Coach Faulkner’s Divorce With Tennis

Madyson Melton and Christopher Clodfelter

With the overload of work that comes along with coaching tennis as well as teaching various history classes, Coach Faulkner decided it was time to take a step back and resign from his dream, coaching tennis. Although  he loved all the tennis players dearly, he needed a change in his life to make it more manageable.

          “I just wanted to focus on teaching,the hours were too long to coach,” Former Coach Faulkner said.

       Coach Faulkner enjoyed sacrificing his time to his tennis kids and his patience as much as possible, but it was time to leave he felt. 

          “This way my schedule is a lot easier,”Faulkner said. 

           Because of this, he is able to dedicate more time to his teaching life and his teaching career since his schedule isn’t dedicated to tennis anymore.

           “Of course, I still help,”Faulkner said.


Faulkner now has more time to focus on teaching history.  He still cares very much about his former tennis players. He regularly  finds time to help them and teach private lessons in the summer.

           “ I still see a lot of them and I wish them well, they’re all great kids,”Faulkner said.