Drowning in the Pools Problems 

Madyson Melton, Christopher Clodfelter, and Rebecca Glasco

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 The Lobo Swim Team’s pool is rapidly downgrading yearly here at the aquatic center. Because of improper care of the pool and the repairs that need to be done, the center is in desperate need of some attention. . Swimmers have to practice and also compete in a bad environment, in the pool and also out of the pool, but they are still highly motivated. 

According to the coaches, they are both very excited for the upcoming season, regardless of the pool’s issues.

“I feel like our girls team is going to be really strong,” Girls Assistant Swim Coach Sarah Saunders said. “Because we have a lot of young swimmers and the potential to build over the next few years.”

Truthfully, the swimming pool absorbs a lot of money in repairs, which leaves the team with insufficient funds. 

“We have potential and we are going to be very strong this year.”Saunders said. 

Saunders knows that her and Coach Gonzalez’s Girls Swim Team has the potential to win some races this year in competition and be the best of the best this season.

“The pool is a positive place for all age groups” .


As can be seen with these displayed photos, the swimming area is not somewhere you would want to be as a swimmer and especially would not want to be as a coach. The coach does not want to have another team at swim meets to look at the environment and get a bad impression. Despite this, the team is working hard for the upcoming season. 

“We can still have the skill to build over the years because the team is a strong team this year,”  Saunders said. Saunders thinks the team is very strong this year, especially because there are so many girls vs. boys. She knows the girls team is going to be the best of the best.

From the coaches perspective of things, the swim team’s pool needs a lot of repairs and additional maintenance, but there is still a positive aspect for the swim team. Wholeheartedly, the team is dedicated and motivated.

“We have a lot of young swimmers the potential to continue building for years to come,” Saunders said. “I believe we will place well and gain experience all year long” .