Dunk and Go Crazy

Madyson Melton and Christopher Clodfelter

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 George Mason University has picked up senior Malik Henry for their basketball team. George Mason University is located in the city of Fairfax, Va. Henry is a senior and his passion is playing basketball. 

“I am excited to attend George Mason,” Henry said. “It’s a good environment.”

Fortunately, Malik is a senior and is closer everyday to completing this huge milestone of finishing his high school career and taking his skills to the next level. 

 “As far as Malik choosing George Mason, we were very excited about it, due to a lot of factors it was just a good fit,” Coach Donald Newton, the Boys Basketball Coach said.

In spite of all of this good news, Malik is a great fit for the college basketball team at George Mason University and continues to strive in basketball while at Longview.

“The coach’s graduation rate at George Mason is wonderful and as far as getting the type of jobs Malik’s interested in is also wonderful,” Newton said. 

According to Coach Newton, Henry has a positive future ahead of him and a valuable basketball career put in place for him at George Mason.

“We felt like it was a perfect fit for him academically as well as athletically,” Newton said.