Here’s the Decay of the Decade

Rylee Hunter, Staff Writer

As this decade comes to a close, teens all over the world are reminiscing on the experiences that made this time special for them. These comments are trending on all types of social media. Accounts have been made just to share and honor the things we all shared growing up. 

The popular short video app TikTok has creators who are including pictures of activities and shows they remember in their videos. There is even a hashtag that has been specifically used by thousands on the app. The green screen effect assistant is used to put images on the screen and the creators can be seen pointing to or crying over them in the corner. This isn’t the only app where followers are getting sentimental about their childhood memories.

On Instagram there is an account named 2000schildhoodtweets that has been giving followers nostalgia since October 19, 2017. Their posts include clips of tv shows that are no longer on air, pictures of forgotten tv shows and movies, comparisons of childhood stars and their grown up selves, and so much more. The post from November 6th features Leon Thomas III singing one of Victorious’s hit songs, Song 2 You. Many followers shared their opinions of the show and his performance on the show in the comment section, praising him and saying that he deserved more credit. 

Netflix has even jumped in on the action. Recently they have been releasing Nickelodeon programs from the early 2010s. They’ve added Victorious, Bella and the Bulldogs, Sam and Cat, and the Big Time Movie. Rewatching these brings people joy and allows them to notice things that they didn’t before. 

Nickelodeon may have a deal with Netflix, but Disney will be releasing their new streaming service Disney+ soon. They announced on their Twitter the shows and movies that will be on their service. All of these will help teens be able to relive their childhood before having to focus on their future. 

The nostalgia encasing the internet has also brought thoughts of the future. People look back on what they did this decade, then think ahead to what they could do in the decade to come. After re-

reading our past, it’s time to open the next chapter in the story of our lives.


Photo by Ben Wicks on Unsplash.