Melanie Martinez: K-12


Annabelle Alvarez, Staff Writer

Melanie Martinez, a worldwide icon, an influencer, a music artist, an idol. Four years since releasing her first album “Crybaby” She now comes out with “K-12”, a story about school life in her particular style.

Her first album, “Crybaby”, was released August 14, 2015. The order in which the songs are arranged play a significant part in her latest album, and movie, “K-12”. The Crybaby album tells the backstory of her life, an example could be her song “Sippy Cup.” In this song, we find that her father has been cheating on her mother, her mother’s reaction to discovering this is: she kills him and his mistress. In “K-12” we learn her father is dead (from when he was murdered in “Sippy Cup”).

The individual songs in “K-12” have very specific meanings. “Wheels on the Bus” is about students bullying each other, the driver not caring what the students, the driver being a pedophile and watching the girls closely. “Class Fight” is about jealousy and revenge on a bully. Martinez wrote “The Principal” primarily about Donald Trump and her honest views on him and his presidential choices against people, stating “where’s the principle”, meaning he has no principle. “Show and Tell” is about how, even though she is an influence and an icon onstage, she feels that nobody cares for her feelings and opinions. “Nurse’s Office” is about how she fakes an illness to escape the bullying. “Drama Club” is about her standing up against female stereotypes. “Strawberry Shortcake” is about how females are usually sexualized by society. “Lunchbox Friends” is about how she wishes to have a real friend, not a fake one. “Orange Juice” is about an eating disorder, bulimia to be exact, and how girls have an unrealistic vision of a “perfect” body. “Detention” is about how she feels as though if she showed her true emotions, she would be hated. “Teacher’s Pet” is about an affair between a teacher and a student. “High School Sweethearts” is about how she wants someone to accept her, to love her despite how “crazy” she is. “Recess” is a reflection of her character’s experiences throughout “K-12.”

Martinez had put a lot of thought and effort in each of her songs and the making of the movie. Each of her songs carefully thought out, each having a personal meaning to both her, and her character. Her music inspires so many people worldwide, providing them with music that they are able to relate to.