The Marvelous Music Man Musical


Josephine Cowart, Feature Editor

Next week, the theatre department will premiere their first show of the season, “The Music Man”. The shows start on Thursday November 14th at 7 pm, with 3 more shows on November 16th and 19th at 7 pm and the 17th at 2 pm. 

The cast has worked very hard these past couple months and is extremely excited for the performance. While most of them haven’t ever done this musical before, the director Pam Mercer McWilliams has put this show on 3 times in her 53 years of teaching at Longview. 

“The cast has really come a long way since the beginning and I’m positive the audience will have a great time,” junior Chandler Reagh said. “I’ve done this show once before, but this time, I really bonded with the cast and we’re all having a fantastic time!”

While some parts of the show have been more difficult to put together than others, hardwork and dedication of the cast as a whole has really brought the show together.

“Being a part of the quartet has been really fun,” junior Andrew Johnson said. “At the beginning, it was stressful since we only had 2 out of the 4 members but now that we have the complete quartet, the group has come together and stepped up to this challenging part.”