So Long 6A?

Andrew Johnson, Online Editor in Chief

On October 25 2019 many students, parents, and faculty in Longview ISD heard rumors that the school may be moving down to 5A starting next year. These rumors stemmed from the UIL event that day called “snapshot day.”
On snapshot day most schools across the state of Texas submit their numbers of how many students they have currently attending at the school. These numbers in the grand scheme of all things mean nothing when compared to the cut-off numbers from previous years.
Longview reported a number of 2,186.5. When comparing this to the cut-off for 6A classification 2018-2020 Longview is below the level for 6A which was 2190 and up.
Longview has experienced scares like this in the past. Back in 2018 when snapshot day happened and they did not meet the classification numbers for 6A it was looking bleak for Longview but in February of 2018 when the final cutoff numbers were released in February Longview was well above the cut off.
So while the numbers don’t look as nice as they could right now the cutoff could change between now and february when the cutoffs are released.
Longview Football tweeted positively on that day, “With snapshot day, it’s important to remember…numbers could change (as Longview’s did two years ago).” But also included reality into the rest of tweet, “But, Longview’s days in the top class are definitely coming to an end with how much growth is in the Metro areas. It’s just a matter of when the move to 5A D1 happens.”
We will continue to update the story as more information is released…