Frozen 2 Movie Review -Everything is Worth Melting For!

Madyson Melton, Staff Writer

On November 22nd, Frozen 2 was released in theaters. Previously in Frozen 1, Elsa and Ana went through many challenges and arguments, but in the end they came together again. In Frozen 2, the catchy songs bring an even more lively vibe than ever before. 


Although it was somewhat kid-friendly, this movie appeals to anyone who wishes to go see it. This movie taught the importance of having a sister and having a best friend. In the movie, Elsa gets a magical horse that travels on all different pathways with her through the movie. Ana supports her sister through it all and goes along with her on this journey. In the journey, Elsa splits up with Ana, but in the end together they learn that the sister elements are the most important thing and that is what saved the whole kingdom of Arendelle. Ana and Elsa gave up everything and everyone in this movie for one another. Ana and Elsa’s friendship was definitely one worth melting for!

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This movie was enchanting and magical like the first one, but a little more intense which was what made it so great!