No bruises = No Story

Every year we only have one team that plays 90 plus minutes at a time with no breaks. It seems like all they do is  run, run, run and run. The Lobo Soccer Team plays every week for 90 minutes straight. The Lobo Soccer Team works hard to win games and to build up their players both strategically and mentally. 

“I am looking forward to hanging out with my friends and scoring goals this season,” Junior Camryn Jacobs said.

Furthermore, the soccer players along with the soccer coaches are all excited for this season.

“Last season I scored fourteen goals, so this season I want to score at least twenty goals,” Jacobs said.

Along with the excitement for the game of soccer in general, teammates are also excited for the new players because they have a lot of potential to grow.

“Everyone always has room to grow, of course, but the new players have room to grow too,” Jacobs said.

Having said that, the team says only time will tell how the new players will perform, but it is worth a shot.

“Everything right now is looking good. I am extremely about the potential for this season, said Lady Lobos Soccer coach Mr.Bellamy.