Getting Elfy This Holiday Season

Getting Elfy This Holiday Season

Camryn Jacobs, Lifestyle Editor

We all know the struggle of remembering to move the elf everyday. Coming up with new spots to put the elf can be somewhat difficult. Don’t worry.. Here are 5 elf on the shelf ideas that are simple and cute you can use this holiday season.  

The first elf on the shelf idea is a cute game you can play with your brother, sister, daughter, son, or whoever you move your elf for. You get a candy cane box, take the candy canes out, and then hide them. Then put the elf in the box and leave a note that says, “Can you find all the candy canes?” This will have anyone jumping for joy because they not only get to find the elf, but also the candy canes. 


This next one will make your sister or brother laugh out loud for at least 10 minutes. Place your elf in a sink and then put marshmallows around him or her. This will make it look like your elf is taking a marshmallow bath. It’s super easy and will have everyone in the family laughing out loud. 


Thirdly, this one is for if you have a naughty elf. Take a toilet paper roll from around the house and stream it around your Christmas tree. Then place your elf on the tree. This will make it look like your elf was really bad and I promise the little ones in your family will get a kick out of this. 


Fourthly, this one is the elf eating all the cookies in the cookie jar. Either you can stay up all night eating the cookies, you can throw them away, or you can save the cookie box and then put them back in the box so the next day you don’t have to buy more cookies. Just as long as all the cookies aren’t in the cookie jar anymore. After you’ve done that, place the elf in the jar with a note that says, “Please buy more cookies.” 


Lastly, this one is for if you have stairs in your house. So take a little sister or brother’s  shoe, place the elf in the shoe, and then stick the shoe to the railing of the stairs. This makes it look like the elf is sledding down the railing. You don’t want the sled (shoe) to accidentally fall, so one way or another you need to make sure it’s secure on the railing of the stairs. The best thing to use would definitely be scotch tape, so it doesn’t ruin the shoe or the stairs. 


These are 5 super cute and fun ideas you can use to move your elf, if you struggle like the rest of us, this Christmas season.