TSA Regional Meet Update

Nitya Jagarlamudi, Guest Writer

After several big wins at the Texas Technology Student Association’s regional meet held February 24-25, 44 Longview High School students have advanced to State in Fort Worth. 


Top Medalists in National Team Events include:

1st place Chapter Team: Carly Snyder, Hyndavi Jatavalabhula, Nitya Jagarlamudi, Gowri Rangu, Matthew Guck, Neha Nirmal and Otibhor Ihionkhan

1st place Engineering Design: Nitya Jagarlamudi, Anthony Holyfield, Natalie Holder, Brayden Strong, and Luke Spence

1st place Coding: Aditya Jagarlamudi and Iniabasi Ekpenyong

1st place Digital Video Production: Katherine Burlingame, Carly Snyder, Matthew Hanson, Matthew Reed, Kyle Ashley, And Daivik Lakkadi

1st place Video Game Design: James Markowitz and William Blair

1st place Debating Technological Issues: Hyndavi Jatavalabhula and Carly Snyder

2nd place Structural Design and Engineering: Ayaan Khan and Omar Arteaga

2nd place Board Game Design: Safin Chowdhury, Brayden Strong, Nam Vu, Luke Spence, Mason LaMaster, and Anthony Holyfield

2nd place Fashion Design: Itoro Ekpenyong and Iniabasi Ekpenyong

2nd place Music Production: Camarah Avila, Jane Melendez, Daivik Lakkadi, Matthew Hanson, Janette Plata, and Daniel Rodriguez

2nd place Children’s Stories: Karla Bobadilla, Fatima Akilo, Jane Melendez, Shueilla Soto, Iris Gallegos, and Omar Arteaga

2nd place On Demand Video: Katherine Burlingame, Carly Snyder, Matthew Hanson, Matthew Reed, Kyle Ashley, And Daivik Lakkadi

3rd Forensic Science: Mikeia Robertson and Mary Leak

3rd place Fashion Design: Mary Leak, Mikaia Robertson, and Kaylee Evans

3rd place Technology Bowl: Fatima Akilo, Janette Plata, and Daniel Rodriguez

3rd place Music Production: William Blair and James Markowitz

3rd place Technology Problem Solving: Juan Cerda and William Blair

Top 3 IT Fundamentals: Aditya Jagarlamudi, James Markowitz, Timothy Nardi

Top 3 Cyber Security: Sam Lorenz, Luke Spence, Timothy Nardi, Brayden Strong, Mason LaMaster, and Iniabasi Ekpenyong

Top 3 System Control Technology: Mason LaMaster, Timothy Nardi, and Adrian Henderson

Top 3 SCIVIS: Matthew Guck, Gowri Rangu, Neha Nirmal, and Otibhor Ihionkhan


Top Medalists in National Individual Events include:

1st place Essays on Technology: Fatima Akilo

1st place Future Tech Teacher: Camarah Avila

1st place Promotional Design: Otibhor Ihionkhan

1st place Extemporaneous Speech: Hyndavi Jatavalabhula

1st place Flight Endurance: James Markowitz

1st place Prepared Presentation: Gowri Rangu

2nd place Essays on Technology: Kyle Ashley

2nd place Promotional Design: Iris Gallegos

2nd place Prepared Presentation: Hyndavi Jatavalabhula

2nd place Extemporaneous Speech: Carly Snyder

2nd place Flight Endurance: Matthew Reed

2nd place Photographic Technology: Neha Nirmal

3rd place Extemporaneous Speech: Gowri Rangu