Turning the Town Teal

Cannon smiles by a teal ribbon, representing ovarian cancer awareness

Cannon smiles by a teal ribbon, representing ovarian cancer awareness

Rylee Babino, Staff Writer

When you think of September, things like school, football, and the beginning of fall automatically come to mind. However, for Lindsey Cannon, there is another, more pressing issue that this month represents. She knows that September marks ovarian cancer awareness month with the teal colored ribbon as its trademark, and she’s determined to make sure others do too.

To bring attention to the issue of ovarian cancer during its annual awareness month, junior Lindsey Cannon turned the town teal by tying teal ribbons around poles and mailboxes all over the city. Although she did this on the first and second of the month, the time for ovarian cancer awareness is all September long.

“In 2007, my grandmother passed away from ovarian cancer after a 3 year battle, and me and my sisters just wanted to raise awareness for it,” Cannon said. “So we decided to look into the organization, found it, started doing it, got our family involved with donations, and made it happen.”

While she undertook her task, Lindsey had the support of both her friends and family to help her out.

“My family came with me, my mom, my little sister, and I had two friends, Whitney Taylor and Kori Hunter,” Cannon said. “They came with me, and it was good to have their support.”

Kori Hunter, Whitney Taylor, and Cannon traversed downtown Longview to raise awareness

The ribbons are located in a number of different places around town in order to gather the city’s attention and commemorate those lost.

“They’re on Tyler street in downtown Longview, they’re on mailboxes throughout Longview, and they’re on my grandmother’s grave site,” Cannon said.

Lindsey completed her task at the beginning of the month, but believes her job of raising awareness isn’t over yet.

“I did it September second and first, and I just continued throughout September until now,” Cannon said. “And now my friends wear teal necklaces that I made to raise more awareness.”

Lindsey, after all her hard work, is proud of her achievements and the impact they have made so far.

“I was happy, a lot of people found out about it,” Cannon said. “I really just wanted to get the word out, and it sounds like people started to recognize it.”

Cannon and her friends pose with their signature teal-colored ribbons