Haynes King and The Longview Lobos


S. Cantu

Thomas Cox, Sports Editor

Haynes King has been absolutely crucial for the Lobos for the last 2 seasons, leading them to the State Semi-Finals last year as only a sophomore. Last season King recorded 2,770 passing yards, 31 passing touchdowns with only 5 interceptions. This season seems to hold even more promise for the Lobos, starting off the season 5-0 with an intense physical stature, not to mention an undeniable bond between teammates. Although King had a great season last year, we’ve seen some improvements in these last 4 games. His arm strength and accuracy have been tremendous which is easily seen in his yards per game, and pass completion percentages. His amazing ability to move in and out of the pocket has given his receivers plenty of time to get open, leading to many more successful plays.  As we get further into the season King, and his teammates will continue to improve, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for this team.