Strange Scenes

Welcome to our 2018-2019 foreign exchange students


k. whitenack

Senior Nikola Jeremic studies poetry in his IB English class.

Shaniyah Lewis, Staff Writer

    In life, you never know when you might have to adapt to new circumstances, locations, or even cultures. Questions like how do our foreign visitors or immigrants assimilate or try to fit into an American lifestyle? How do they view things like jobs or school in comparison to where they came from? Now, we can answer these questions with two of our own foreign exchange students for the 2018-2019 school year.

    Nikola Jeremic and Zhan Aldamzharov are both foreign exchange students from two different countries, but both are staying with the same host family. Nicola and Zhan

K. Whitenack
Junior Zhan Aldamzharov

have lived in their home countries, Serbia and Khazakstan, respectively, their whole lives. They were both ready for a change, however, and found an opportunity to attend our very  own Longview High School.

    So far, Nicola loves it here and finds the people kind, but he would have never suspected that the people here would be.

     “The people here are kind, but very different from Serbians,” Nicola said. “They’re not what I expected.”

     Nicola found many different things different here than in Serbia, especially the shopping.

S. Lewis
Senior Zhan Aldamzharov

     “I have gone to you guy’s Walmart, and it’s insanely large,” Nicola said. “ I had never seen anything like it.”

     Zhan found a lot of different things in the U.S. that amused him, but he found American food especially different.

     “I’ve been to the Cane’s here,” Zhan said. “The McDonald’s is different because they have a broader range of food too.”

    Zhan and Nicola currently live in the same household, and say they get along well and help each other acclimate to everything.

    “I try to help Zhan understand things clearly, even though we do things differently,” Nicola said.

    By nature, a foreign exchange student must learn to speak more than one language, however both Nicola and Zhan knew some English even before coming to the United States.

    “I didn’t go to a class to learn English,” Nicola said. “I learned through music and television.”

    Zhan has always wanted to venture out have new experiences, and both students saw America as that opportunity for themselves.

    “Y’know, everybody in our planet knows about America and wants to try that lifestyle,” Zhan said. “I wanted to experience it too.”