In Memory of Mr. Moody

A tribute to a Lobo lost


Brooklyn McCasland

Mr. Moody's cherished, bright smile

Whenever any beloved member of the LHS family passes, we must all come together in memory of them. On October 23, 2018, Emerett O’Neal Moody, II died at age 61. Moody served Longview High School through maintenance for 20 years, and was a part of the district for 24 years. His dedication, and most of all his memory, will never be forgotten.

As described by many of the faculty, Moody was a very hard worker in support of all Longview High School staff.

“If there was ever a problem in the Mickey Melton, he would arrive with a smile, a handshake, and a solution,” Fine Arts teacher Joshua Graves said.

Moody’s endless positivity and cheerfulness forever left an impact on everyone he came into contact with.

“Mr. Moody always had a smile on his face,” Career and Technology teacher Ashli Prelow said. “When he left, he always left a smile on yours as well.”

Not only did he constantly have a bright attitude, Moody consistently made time to offer kind words to teachers and students alike.

“He’d stop by and just chat,” former teacher Katherine Weatherspoon said. “[He looked] like he didn’t have anything better to do, when he actually had about fifteen things he was working on around the school.”

Above all, Moody was a friend to all, and he will be dearly missed.

“Mr. Moody was the most cheerful, happy person I have ever met,” ESL teacher Denise Guerrero said. I really miss hearing his whistling and the jingling of his keys brighten these hallways.”


Due to lack of space, we could not include everyone’s wonderful contributions about Mr. Moody. Look for all of the  memories of Mr. Moody in next month’s print issue! Thank you to the LHS staff for all of your caring words.