Schmidt demonstrates and reviews several photo editing tricks (Elijah Thomas with
Schmidt demonstrates and reviews several photo editing tricks

Elijah Thomas with

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Texas Association of Journalism Educators has annual fall workshop

November 19, 2018

     Hal Schmidt conducted a workshop at Longview High School over Photoshop and InDesign tips and tricks for the Texas Association of Journalism Educators on Nov. 9.

     “Being the regional representative for TAJE, it is strongly encouraged that I host an annual workshop.  I am thankful that Longview High School continually offers their facilities as the central location between all of the schools in our region,” Paige Dyer, TAJE Region 4 Regional Representative and Whitehouse High School Journalism teacher, said. “This region ranges from Texarkana all the way to Zavalla and Canton to Louisiana.”

     Schmidt, who has been doing workshops for 32 years now, did a tutorial session that included topics of the different aspects of InDesign and Photoshop. Schmidt taught shortcuts including how to create panels for the portrait spreads in less than two minutes.

     “He covered how to make graphs more exciting to look at in InDesign for when they’re viewed on a spread,” Longview High School Journalism teacher Sasha Cantu said. “He went over not just how to edit a photo, but how to create text wraps and paragraph styles. We covered really easy ways to do cut out photos and then ways to place the text around the photo.”

     Including several tutorial sessions over tips and tricks for publications, Schmidt also talked about the ways of using phones to edit photos and planning design methods.

     “Anything that distracts our readers does not help our publication,” Schmidt said. “It is a matter of having it on a level that makes sense to our eyes.”

     While Schmidt went over how to stay organized with photos through Adobe Bridge and how to create panels in InDesign for portrait pages, he believes that what teachers should walk away with is learning how to have fun.

     “The most important thing is to enjoy what you’re doing and let the students grow from the experience of what happens,” Schmidt said. “It’s realizing that when they come in they are at this one level and through the year they should be having experiences that give them skills that they didn’t have before that will help them better in life because of the skills they get from being in journalism.”

     Besides having the opportunity of the teachers seeing each other at UIL meets, these workshops give them a chance to connect outside of seeing each other on Saturdays.   

     “The annual workshop is a way for journalism educators around this area to also connect and network with each other,” Cantu said. “It’s always nice to be around other teachers that understand what you do. We take advantage of this time to vent, tell stories, and share what works and doesn’t work in our classes. There is always something I will get out of these workshops.”

Elijah Thomas with
Workshop participants visit with each other while eating lunch provided by culinary students

All photos are taken by senior Elijah Thomas with 

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