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Blooming Businesses

Small Businesses Started by Students in Quarantine
Hannah McCrory, Feature Editor November 10, 2020

The scent of soap hangs in the air of the stately dining room as volunteers pack shampoo into ziplock bags. Towering stacks of hygiene products slowly shrink as the boxes of finished bags grow. Across...

You Get Disney, Plus More!

You Get Disney, Plus More!

Chandler Reagh, Entertainment Editor November 7, 2019

Movies and television on demand is one of the most used products that came out this generation. It’s great to be able to watch your favorite movies without having to wait for it to play on the TV. We...

Learning to Lead in a Technical World

Learning to Lead in a Technical World

Diana Acuna August 29, 2019

Finally the moment everyone had anxiously been waiting for. Everyone was quiet as they awaited the new Texas TSA officers to be announced. Sitting there waiting to find out who it would be felt like time...

A Golden Opportunity

A Golden Opportunity

Josephine Cowart, Staff Writer August 27, 2019

Golden walls, golden chandeliers. Every ornate detail and carving makes the hall feel even more magical. As the orchestra starts playing, the audience can’t help but be taken aback by the breathtaking...

Two seniors pose in front of

Once Upon A Prom

2019 Prom Pictures
April 9, 2019


Senior Fatima Massare at the beautiful Duke campus in Durham, NC

Fatima Massare, Duke University

Anna Ward, Staff Writer February 19, 2019

Springtime comes with a lot of new things: new flowers, new weather, and new college acceptance letters! Senior Fatima Massare was recently accepted into her dream college, Duke University in Durham, North...

Dreaming Big, Achieving Big

Dreaming Big, Achieving Big

Alyssa Shobert, Editor-in-Chief February 19, 2019

College. Despite the negative visceral reaction we seniors get from that word, most also have a set of goals that come with it as well. Specifically, most have a "dream school" that, even if we feel like...

Students Pursue Their Passions

Students Pursue Their Passions

Alyssa Shobert, Editor-In-Chief February 1, 2019

One of the most prevalent complaints of our generation is that the courses we take in school aren't relevant to our lives after high school. Oftentimes, students are pushed to make A's in classes that...

Mr. Moody's cherished, bright smile

In Memory of Mr. Moody

A tribute to a Lobo lost
Alyssa Shobert, Editor-in-Chief November 15, 2018

Whenever any beloved member of the LHS family passes, we must all come together in memory of them. On October 23, 2018, Emerett O'Neal Moody, II died at age 61. Moody served Longview High School through...

Guard shack at main entrance gets a new look for the new year.

Know Your School, Know Your Rules

Sophie Bunn, Editor-In-Chief November 13, 2018

    There have been many controversial new policies this year such as the installation of student IDs, the parking lot being off-limits during school hours, and increased punishment for dress code and...

Senior Nikola Jeremic studies poetry in his IB English class.

Strange Scenes

Welcome to our 2018-2019 foreign exchange students
Shaniyah Lewis , Staff Writer November 8, 2018

    In life, you never know when you might have to adapt to new circumstances, locations, or even cultures. Questions like how do our foreign visitors or immigrants assimilate or try to fit into an American...

Cannon smiles by a teal ribbon, representing ovarian cancer awareness

Turning the Town Teal

Rylee Babino, Staff Writer September 18, 2018

When you think of September, things like school, football, and the beginning of fall automatically come to mind. However, for Lindsey Cannon, there is another, more pressing issue that this month represents....

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